The Best Lavender Farms in Tasmania

Tasmania’s lavender farms are some of the best in the world. Once a year these farms blossom into a purple explosion. They’ve proven to be a popular tourist attraction. Visitors walk the rows and take colourful photos for Instagram; but there’s more to it than that. There’s the smell and even the taste, as these farms produce consumable goods. There are lavender hot chocolates and even lavender ice cream.

Updated: July 2, 2023

I was born and raised in Tasmania. I enjoy exploring the state.

Lavender Farm Tours

There are two lavender farms in Tasmania where you can wander around the farm.

Important: Most lavender is only in bloom from December to January. You can visit the farms outside of these dates, however you will not experience the purple flowers you see in the photos.

Bridestowe Lavender Estate

296 Gillespies Rd, Nabowla

Highly reccommended

Tasmania’s passion for lavender began at Bridestowe Lavender Estate.

In 1921 London perfumer CK Denny migrated to Tasmania with his family, bringing a packet of lavender seeds from the southern French Alps.

Tasmania had a similar climate to Provence, making it ideal conditions to grow lavender. Today, the Bridestowe Lavender Estate welcomes over 50,000 people a year.

Bridestowe Lavender Estate is a fourty-five minute drive from Launceston and covers 260 acres; it is the world’s largest privately-owned lavender farm. The iconic curved rows are unique to Bridstowe, the were implemented to better capture and manage rainfall.

They are open to the public to wander through the fields, take photos, and even enjoy a picnic. There is also a cafe on-site that serves signature lavender-infused ice cream.

Port Arthur Lavender Farm

Arthur Highway, Port Arthur

The lavender farm in Port Arthur sprawls over 18 acres. Each year they harvest more than 16,000 lavender plants.

You can visit for a self-guided tour and enjoy the interactive displays that describe the lavender farming process. And during the in-season, observe the distilling process.

There is also a cafe, serving fresh seafood, salad and pasta. Plus, indulge in their various lavender treats; there’s a lavender hot chocolate, a lavender milkshake and a lavender daiquiri.

They also have a shop in Richmond, where you can browse and purchase their lavender products.

If you’re planning a trip to the Port Arthur Historical site, this lavender farm is on the way, a fourteen-minute drive past Eaglehawk Neck.


The following do not have tours, but do feature lavender.


500 Staverton Rd, Promised Land

Tazmazia and the Village of Lower Crackpot is one of the largest maze complexes in the world; it is a fantastic experience for children and adults alike.

Tazmazia features four botanical mazes planted in viburnum and Chinese honeysuckle. The other mazes include the balancing maze and the yellow brick maze. The Village of Lower Crackpot is a quirky model village built to 1/5 scale.

Tazmazia also has a working lavender farm, with the beautiful Mt Roland as a backdrop.

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What is the best time to visit the lavender farms in Tasmania?

In order to see the purple flowers, you will need to visit during blooming season. This typically occurs during the summer months. Lavender farms in Tasmania usually reach their peak bloom between December and January. During this time, the lavender fields are vibrant with stunning purple hues and emit a delightful fragrance.

Do I have to pay to visit the lavender farms?

Yes, there are generally entry fees. Bridestowe has an entry fee when the farm is in bloom, but it is free to enter during the off-season.

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