Everything you need to know about the MONA Ferry

The coolest (and actually the most efficient way) to get to MONA is via the private MONA ferry.

This custom catamaran sails regularly and will take you straight from the Brooke St Pier to Mona, via the River Derwent.

I took a return trip on the ferry when I visited MONA, and I’ve put togther this guide to cover your questions.

Updated: September 30, 2023

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Boarding the MONA Ferry from the Brooke St Pier.

About the Mona Ferry

In my opinion, the MONA Ferry is the best way to visit MONA. There are three other alternatives; you can drive there and try to find (free) parking, but there isn’t much of it. You can catch the bus (a cheap option but also infinitely more boring.) Or you can catch an Uber – probably the better option of the three.

OR you can take one of the custom-built catamarans – MONA ROMA I and II – decked out in camouflage patterns up the Derwent River and be dropped off directly at the steps of MONA. A one-way trip takes about 25 minutes. I opted for the latter.

Where does the MONA Ferry leave from?

You will depart from Brooke Street Pier, just down from Constitution Dock. If you’re staying somewhere in the city, it’s likely to be a short walk. It’s recommended to book ahead online. I was running late to my ferry booking, so I called ahead, and they were able to put me on the next one.

A return ticket is the same price as a one-way ticket, so it makes sense to come back on the ferry too. Keep in mind the final departure time from MONA – it’s 6 pm in Summer, and 5 pm every other season. I would recommend at least 5 hours at MONA, more if you also want to enjoy a meal there and kick back. So make sure you depart from the Brooke Street Pier with enough time to enjoy MONA before the final departure back to the pier.

The Small Print

  • A return ticket is the same price as one way. No concessions, sorry. Children under 4 are free, but you will need to contact MONA to reserve a ticket.
  • Travel times can be changed up to 15 minutes prior to departure, subject to availability.
  • Call or email MONA to change your booking in advance, or see staff at the ferry terminal or museum on the day.
  • The Mona Roma ferry can’t cater for coeliac or severe allergies. If you have special dietary requirements—including gluten free or vegetarian—MONA requires twenty-four hours notice.

Information taken from the Mona Ferry website.

Is the Posh Pit worth it?

You have two ticket types: the Standard and the Posh Pit. The Posh Pit will put you at the front of the boat, with fancy pink decor, complimentary bevvies, tiny food and inflated egos – as per the MONA advertising. Drinks include a selection of Moorilla Winery wines, Moo brew Beers, and non-alcoholic options. Post Pit Ticket Holders also receive a quicker VIP entry into the ferry.

The Standard ticket puts you at the back of the ferry, and without the complimentary nibbles. There is a bar if you would like to buy a drink or a snack.

I chose the Standard ticket – and I don’t think I missed much. You will still have a great view of the river, and plenty of seating inside and out. However, the price difference between both tickets is minuscule, so perhaps it’s best to make your trip to Hobart as luxurious as it can be and go for the Post Pit.

MONA Ferry Timetable

See the timetable below.

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How long is the ferry trip to MONA?

It takes approximately 25 minutes one-way.

Does the MONA Ferry include entry to MONA?

No, you will need to purchase entry as well. This can be done once you arrive at MONA.

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