12 Unique Stays in Tasmania

Tasmania’s nature is unique, and so is its accommodation. Old warehouses, pumphouses, shacks and cabins have all been converted into BNBs. Many allow you to experience Tasmania in a way hotels cannot.
Whether you are at an isolated mining village on the West Coast, or in a Scottish keep in the middle of the bush. Read on for the most unique places to stay in Tasmania.

Updated: September 20, 2023

Content creator for hospitality & tourism. I was born and raised in Tasmania.

The Keep

535 New England Rd, Goulds Country

The Keep looks like a relic of medieval Europe. It was built to replicate a Scottish keep – traditionally, a refugee in a castle should it fall to enemies.

The Keep is an isolated oasis perched on a 650m rocky outcrop; there is only one road in and out.

A stay at The Keep will treat you to 360-degree views of the Blue Tier forest reserve. You can enjoy it while immersed in their 300kg granite outdoor bath.

Corinna Wilderness Village

1 Corinna Rd, Corinna

This remote settlement was once a village for local miners. The Corinna Wilderness Village is a collection of off-grid huts on the Southern edge of the Tarkine Forest, the largest temperate forest in Australia.

Each cottage is self-contained, including a kitchenette, ensuite and gas heating; you might be in the middle of nowhere, but you will be comfortable. You even can choose to stay in the original 1893 ‘Old Pub.’

Jump on board the heritage-listed Arcadia II and cruise down the Pieman River. Or enjoy the Huon Pine Walk – one of Tasmania’s 60 greatest short walks.

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Sea Stacks

7 Deals Rd, Douglas River

Seastacks is a collection of three unique cabins on the edge of the bank of the Denison Rivulet, just a ten-minute walk from Bicheno.

Each ‘stack’ features a self-serve kitchen, a wood fire and a big luxury bathtub.

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Kittawa Lodge

1272 South Rd, Pearshape

Kittawa Lodge might be the most isolated accommodation in Tasmania, and yet it’s only a 30min flight from Melbourne.

Located on the edge of King Island, this retreat is entirely off-grid. It’s on a 96-acre property, with over 750 metres of coastline.

You can explore the hidden coves, and pebbled beaches and even snorkel the pristine waters.

Pumphouse Point

1 Lake St Clair Rd

Pumphouse Point is truly a unique wilderness retreat. The building stands in the middle of Lake St Clair, at the end of a 250m jetty, surrounded by a century-old myrtle forest.

The original pumphouse was built in 1940 to provide water for the state’s hydroelectricity scheme.

Pumphouse Point opened as a ‘hotel’ in 2015. You can spend your time on nearby hikes, riding the provided e-bikes or kayaking in the lake.

Bushy Summers

Lettes Bay, Strahan

On a trip to Tasmania, Claire Lloyd and Matthew Lauder fell in love with Tasmania’s West Coast. They found an old shack in Lettes Bay, Strahan, and renovated it over 5 months; this became Bushy Summers.

Only a couple of steps from the water, you’ll be visited by the local ducks as you enjoy a coffee on the balcony. Explore the communal gardens, or take a stroll along Ocean Beach.

Coastal Pods

1 Goldie St, Wynyard

The Coastal Pods are upcycled shipping containers. Inside are self-contained apartments right on the bank of the Inglis River. Each pod is spacious & bright; you’ll be forgiven for forgetting you are in a container.

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Naivasha Tiny House

Wadleys Rd, Reedy Marsh

This tiny self-contained house is just outside Deloraine, in a small bush clearing. Enjoy a dip in the (quite large) wood-fired hot tub and be greeted by the local wildlife. Naivasha is perfect for a romantic getaway.

Watch: Naivasha Tiny House Tour

The Red Feather Inn

42 Main St, Hadspen

The Red Feather Inn was built by convict labour in 1842. This collection of sandstone buildings has been given a new life as boutique accommodation. Just a 10-minute drive from Launceston, it is close to the sprawling Tamar Valley.

The Boathouse

Satellite Island, Bruny Island

The only way to book The Boathouse, is to book the entire island. Located on Satellite Island, this exclusive outcrop is off-shore from Bruny Island.

It’s not cheap, but it includes an endless supply of oysters, a gourmet breakfast, a stocked pantry, fishing equipment, kayaks and more.

Sit on the balcony overlooking the water, and enjoy the grilled fish you only caught this morning.

Henry Jones Art Hotel

25 Hunter St, Hobart

The Henry Jones Art Hotel features more than 400 original and contemporary artworks; it’s like staying at an art gallery.

Originally waterfront warehouses, they have been converted into 52 rooms, preserving the nineteenth-century sandstone walls.

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