Duckboard Place

Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Duckboard Place is attached to AC/DC Lane, and together they form a horse-shoe-shaped detour from Flinders Lane.

Named in 1953 after the neighbouring Duckboard House – a venue that would entertain the troops during the interwar period – the term ‘duckboard’ was used to describe the slatted timber path laid out in the muddy trenches.

Duckboard Place has less to offer than AC/DC Lane, but it does contain Melbourne’s last remaining piece of artwork by Banksy.

In the early 2000s, Banksy painted several pieces throughout the city – but unfortunately, most have been destroyed.

But you can still find two Banksy stencils of parachuting rats at the end of Duckboard Place – one on either side of the doorway in the bend.

Another Banksy is on the ceiling at Revolver on Chapel Street – Melbourne’s most infamous nightclub.