The Best Birthday Freebies in Melbourne

Enjoy some sweet, sweet freebies on your birthday.
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Gnocchi from Pacinos, Flemington

Everybody loves free stuff. And there’s no better day for it then your birthday. Thankfully, a bunch of restaurants in Melbourne will give you some freebies for your special day. All you’ll need to do is join to their birthday program.

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Free Boost Juice

With all of the amazing cocktails and cake you’re going to demolish, it’s wise to balance it out with something a little healthier. Sign up to the Vibe Club and receive a complimentary Boost juice. That should keep your body happy.


Free Churros at San Churro

Nothing says ‘I’m an adult and I’ll eat what I want’ more than tucking into San Churros’ deep-fried chocolatey goodness. Grab complimentary churros for two by signing up to their club. It’s ok, we won’t judge if you go alone. Maybe enjoy some of Melbourne’s best Mexican food before finishing at San Churros for dessert.

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Free Tea at Chatime

Some like it hot, but for those who don’t then Chatime will give you a complimentary birthday ice tea. Download their app and signup for their Societea program. Come your birthday, you’ll receive one completely free.
Grab your tea, and wander around enjoying some more free things to do in Melbourne.

Pacinos Flemington The Melbourne Cheapskate 3299 1024x683 1

$30 Meal at Pacinos

One of the best meals of the bunch comes from Pacinos Italian Restaurant. The lucky birthday girl/gal gets a $30 voucher. Pictured here is the spinach, pumpkin and goats curd gnocchi – and yes, it is as delicious as it looks. Pizza, pasta and schnitzels are also available.

To redeem the birthday voucher, simply sign up to their mailing list.

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Free Salad at Spud Bar

Potato has to be one of the best carb sources going around. Add to it some meat, veggies and cheese and it takes gold. Spud Bar will give you a free salad when you pick up a card from in-store and then register here.

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Free Meal & Cake at Taco Bill

One of life’s unwritten rules is that ‘you can never have too much Mexican.’ As a member of Taco Bill’s club you’ll score a complimentary main meal for your birthday as well as a slice of birthday cake. All you have to do is sign up here.

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