Where to See Snow in Tasmania

Winter may not be the most popular time to visit Tasmania, but it’s the only time you’ll be able to enjoy the snow. Whether you want to ski, snowboard or simply frolick, there are several great places to enjoy the snow in Tasmania. Here they are!

Updated: July 2, 2023

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Ben Lomond

Ben Lomond

Ben Lomond is in the northern midlands, a 1.5-hour drive from Launceston, and one of Tasmania’s two snowfields; the other is Mt Field.

During the snow season, every vehicle climbing the mountain must carry snow chains and fit them when directed; This is a requirement under the law.

If you want a stress-free ascension, you can park at the lower car park and take the shuttle bus to the top. The ‘bus’ is a ten seater 4WD, and you’ll be in capable hands; this will be the easiest option for most.

Full gear hire is available at the mountain, including skis, boards, sleds, and snow clothes. Ben Lomond is also accessible outside of Winter. There are several walks and trails to be enjoyed. You can check the mountain cameras for Ben Lomond here.

Central Highlands

Central Highlands

The Central Highlands is smack bang in the middle of Tasmania. It’s a large portion of the state but only home to about 2,000 residents. It’s known as the Lake Country of Tasmania; it is home to A LOT of lakes.

You’ll find snow throughout the Central Highlands; there isn’t a specific place to go.

The Central Highlands is also home to the Derwent Bridge, Pumphouse Point, and Walls of Jerusalem National Park.

Cradle Mountain

Lake St Clair National Park

Cradle Mountain is Tasmania’s most famous peak. It is the fifth highest in the state and stands above the tranquil Dove Lake. You can tackle a visit to Cradle Mountain in a day or stretch it out over a week.

Arrive at the Cradle Mountain Visitor Centre, and book the shuttle bus; cars aren’t allowed into the grounds.

Dove Lake is the most accessible walk; this 6km trek around the lake will take 2-3 hours to complete.

Cradle Mountain is also a great place to enjoy the snow. There is a substantial amount of snowfall during Winter, and with the great selection of walks, it’s accessible to most.

Mount Wellington

Wellington Park, Hobart

Highly reccommended


Mount Wellington looms 1,271 metres (4169 feet) above Hobart. The mountain provides a jaw-dropping lookout accessible by car and several bushwalks, including The Organ Pipes.

These column-shaped cliffs were formed in the Jurassic period when Tasmania was separating from Antarctica. Mount Wellington is also one of the best (and easiest) places to enjoy the snow.

Mount Wellington is only a half-hour drive from Hobart, and you can often see the snow-capped peaks from within the city. You can also check the snow-cam for a better idea of the conditions. Or take the dedicated bus that takes you straight there.

Pinnacle Road will take you to the peak; it is a windy but safe overall, and it’s accessible by caravans and motorhomes.

There is no need for a Parks Pass, and entry is always free.

Mount Mawson Ski Fields

Mount Field

Mt Field is the ‘park for all seasons.

It is home to Russell Falls, a spectacular tiered waterfall, and the Mount Mawson Ski Field. Russell Falls is easily accessible; park at the visitor centre and walk the trail.

To see the snow, continue the drive up Lake Dobson Road for 40 minutes until you come to the ski field. It is free to enjoy the snow, however, there are costs if you want to ski.

Hartz Mountains National Park


Hartz Mountains National Park is at the Huon Valley’s southern end, forming part of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Hartz Mountains are a 1.5 hour drive from Hobart; however, the final section of the road is windy and unsealed for 10.5km.

There are several walks to enjoy, including the 3-5 hour walk to Hartz Peak, which grants you a view over the valley.

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What month is best to see snow in Tasmania?

Snowfall in Tasmania typically occurs during the winter months, which are from June to August. However, snow can also be seen in the early spring months of September and October.

Where can I see snow in Tasmania?

The most common places to see snow in Tasmania are the mountainous regions, particularly in the Central Highlands and areas such as Mount Wellington near Hobart, Ben Lomond near Launceston, and Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park.

How much snow can I expect in Tasmania?

The amount of snowfall in Tasmania can vary each year and depends on weather conditions. In some years, significant snowfalls can occur, while in others, there may be less snow or even no snow at all in certain areas.

Can I access the snow-covered areas easily?

Accessibility to snow-covered areas in Tasmania depends on road conditions and weather. While some areas have well-maintained roads, others may require careful driving and adherence to any road closure advisories during heavy snowfall.

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